Relationship Counselling

Relating is HARD!

Sustaining an intimate relationship is one of the most
difficult things to do in life (as shown by the massively
high failure rates). We are defined by our relationships,
created by them, sustained by them, and sometimes
destroyed by them. They provide our highest highs, and
our most painful lows.

Think about the common relationship myths we believe.
Our perfect partner is out there somewhere, ready to
make us whole, and all we have to do is find them to live
happily ever after. With these kind of cultural beliefs, it's
no wonder we don't have the right perspectives or practical
skills to make a relationship work.

How do we cope when the honeymoon hormones have worn off?
How does the relationship recover from infidelity?
How do trivial things not get turned in to full-blown warfare?
How do we not project our parent issues on our partner?
How do we stop our out-of-date defence patterns sucking the vitality out of our relationship?
How do we become the person we really want to be in relationship?
How do we make love stay?

Conscious Counselling can help with -

Relationship tune-ups

Conflict resolution

Sexual problems

Communication difficulties

Jealousy issues

Developing better relationship skills

Emotional problems

Deepening intimacy


- The sessions are beneficial for every kind of relationship (parent-child, siblings, friends...)
- Emergency sessions are available for crisis situations
- LGBTQ couples are most welcome
- Sessions are facilitated using EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy)

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